Welcome to Australian Organic

Australian Organic promotes meaningful organic standards, lobbying governments on behalf of the organic industry and supporting the growth of the organic domestic and international markets.

Anyone with an interest in organics can become a member of Australian Organic, as a way of supporting the organic movement, keeping up to date with developments in Australia and overseas and having a role in Australian Organic’s future.

A Voice for Organics

Australian Organics is a member owned not-for-profit organisation promoting certified organics for your health, your family, your environment and your future.

AOMR 2018

The Australian Organic Market Report is a highly respected publication commissioned by Australian Organic Ltd.

This research report tracks industry and consumer trends in the Australian organic marketplace based on research by the Mobium Group, Euromonitor and the University of New England.


Australian Organic is here to guide and inform consumers about how to purchase 100% honest organic products and what certified organic really means.

Setting Standards

The Australian Certified Organic Standard is the rulebook for businesses certified with Australian Certified Organic.

Organic business

The Standard applies to a range of organic businesses - food and drink, cosmetic, fibre, farmers, processors, retailers and manufacturers of certified organic ingredients.

Consumer Choice

As one of the strictest standards in Australia, the Australian Certified Organic Standard ensures consumers have a simple choice when buying organic produce.

The Australian Organic Schools program is designed to educate children, teachers and carers about the many benefits of growing and eating organic food. 

Starting and maintaining a school garden is a wonderful step in this process. By involving children in the growing process, we can help them understand where their food comes from and encourage them to try new flavours, tastes and textures!

Australian Organic Schools

“healthy, sustainable & fun!”