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Where: Zoom Webinars
When: 11 November 2020 | 12:00-1:00pm AEST

Building Sustainable Retail Partnerships

Where does Organic ‘fit’ in Retailers Category Growth Strategy?
This is for those of you have heard a large retailer Category Manager say words to the effect of ‘There is no need for an/another Organic offer in this Category’. Or that ‘Organic is too expensive for our Shoppers’. With this segment of the Webinar, I’ll share some ideas on how to help Grocery Buyers understand the multiple roles which Organic can play in their Category Growth Strategy. And I’ll show you an example of how I recently positioned an Organic Brand as a Category Growth Driver in Woolworths.

How to get off the ‘Discounting Drug’ – and grow your Brand Equity.
Retailers are excellent at finding lots of reasons for your Brand to be on price promotion. And it’s rampant: AC Neilsen report that ± 30% of all Groceries are sold on promotion in Australia. However, AC Nielsen has also identified that up to 20% of products bought on promotion would still have been purchased if they were at full price!

Price Promotions certainly have a role in Brand Strategy, but the long-term effect of overpromoting is a reduction in your Organic Brand Equity, and erosion of your Net Revenue. In this segment of the Webinar, I’ll discuss how to make sure you get the most out of your Price Promotions, and share an example of how this worked for an Organic Brand in Woolworths.  

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