Australian Organic is a member based, not-for-profit, industry body with a responsibility to protect and promote the agricultural and ecological resources of Australia.

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Martin Meek joined the Flannery franchise group of stores with Mal Flannery in 1993, where he was managing director and equal partner until 2008. He created the online store, Daintree Organics and holds a stake in United Organics, a certified organic fresh produce wholesaler based at the Brisbane Markets.

Martin Meek

Chairman, AOL

Bernadette Favis originally worked as a corporate lawyer before she rediscovered her love of coconut oil and established Cocolife. Winner of the Young Organic Leader Award at the 2017 Annual Awards for Excellence, Bernadette Favis is recognised for her achievements and her sustainable outlook. 

Bernadette Favis

Director, AOL

Amos Meltzer

Company Secretary, AOL

Kim Morgan’s passion for organics resulted in the establishment of the certified food business mOrganics. Kim is the representative for Gemtree Vineyards and coordinates International Trade Missions and stands at trade and consumer events in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

Kim Morgan

Director, AOL

Quentin Kennedy owns and manages Kialla Pure Foods, an organic cereal grain processing operation based in Darling Downs, Queensland. Kialla supplies within Australia and exports to Asia and New Zealand. Quentin has served on the Australian Organic board since 2005.

Quentin Kennedy

Director, AOL

Leo Watling and his family have been eating certified organic products for over 20 years. When his wife suffered a serious health concern, exacerbated by the food she consumed they switched to organic foods. In 2013 Leo and his wife Jenny developed their own Certified Organic retail business, Apples and Sage Organic Wholefoods.

Leo Watling

Director, AOL

Andrew Monk is highly regarded in environmental, food safety and organic auditing systems. Managing Director of Mulching Technologies;  Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of New England; Chairman for Enervest; and Chairman of ASX listed company Murray River Organics (ASX:MRG).

Andrew Monk

Director, AOL


Name: Martin Meek

What is your business?

United Organics – Certified Organic Wholesaler specialising in Fresh Produce.

United has been around since the early 90’s and is the only Certified Wholesaler to have a selling floor in the Brisbane Markets. We supply retail trade, restaurants and internet traders. We export to Hong Kong and Singapore (Malaysia pending).

How long have you been involved with the organic industry?

1993, I started with Flannery’s.

What made you ‘make the change’ to certified organic?

I married into enlightenment… My mother-in-law was Mrs Flannery. I started working for them in 1993, then Genevieve (my Wife) and I bought in about two years later. We literally bet the house on organics. I remained partners with Mal Flannery till 2008, when we sold the stores.

What’s your favourite thing about the industry?

I think that there is a common integrity that exists across the whole organic landscape, it is not something that you will find in any other industry. I think we all share the vision – this also creates quite a collegial environment. Strengthened no doubt by the knowledge that with a shared vision, there is a shared risk; we have a responsibility to each other.

One piece of advice for someone new to the organic industry?

Organic Business is still business… all of the normal rules apply, and then some.

Favourite event or campaign with Australian Organic?

Australian Organic Annual Industry Awards evening. It’s just like the Oscars, except smaller, and Organic, and in Australia… So maybe nothing like the Oscars, but it is a great night! It is a good way of gauging the growth and the interest in organics. I have been attending these events for the last six years, they get bigger and better every year.  As an industry we really have come of age.

Australian Organic

Australian Organic is a member owned not-for-profit industry body. We support and promote certified organic businesses.

The Bud logo is the oldest Australian organic certification mark in the country still currently in use and represents Australia’s leading certification logo, ‘Australian Certified Organic’ – ensuring integrity of organic products in the marketplace.