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Allowed Input Fees

Change in Allowed Input Fees Invoicing

What to expect from 1st January 2022?

  • You will no longer receive your annual invoice from ACO Certification Ltd, instead the invoice will be sent by Australian Organic Limited.
  • You will continue to be invoiced at the end of each financial year. Your next invoice will be due in July 2022.

What do you need to do?

  • Please ensure you pay Australian Organic Limited, using our bank details provided on your first invoice, you can also pay your invoice securely online by credit card or BPay.
  • Confirm with us the most appropriate person’s email address to send the invoices for payment via the below form.

Confirm Your Invoicing Details

The Australian Organic Limited team has already contacted many organic operators directly. If we haven’t had the chance to speak to you yet, we appreciate you confirming the above details by completing the below online form.

If you have any issues using this form, please call 07 3350 5716 Ext. 1 or email

Please confirm your billing information no later than Thursday 30th June 2022.

If you need Australian Organic Limited to complete a supplier approval process, please contact us with the documentation required as soon as possible. You can find our company information here.

We value your privacy and confirm that all information received will be held in strict confidence and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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