You know organic produce is best for us, but do you know why it’s best?  Channel 10 recently caught up with our Australian Organic Awareness Month Ambassador Luke Hines, author & clean-living expert to find out why he highly recommends making the switch to certified organic.

Which brings us first to a question we need to get answered straight away… What IS certified organic?

“To be certified organic, farmers must grow or manufacture a product free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics,” Luke told ten daily. “Livestock must be free to roam, seed must be non-genetically modified, and the process must be water efficient and biodiversity friendly.”

And be warned, products that are simply labelled ‘organic’ are not currently regulated under Australian law, meaning their producers are not required to follow specific regulations in order to claim that they are ‘organic’.

For Luke, the benefits of eating — and cooking with — certified organic ingredients  are huge. And it’s mostly down to what you want to be putting in your body.

Read the full article and watch Luke Hines make Chicken Souvlaki on Channel 10 Daily here