The recent Natural Products Expo West held in Anaheim (March 2019) provided industry members the opportunity to network and exhibit the latest products and trends in organic and natural living. Expo West is the leading trade show in the natural, health and organics sector exhibiting forecasts for the future of organics.

Our very own General Manager, Niki Ford, was over in the States representing the Australian Organic Trade mission. This was organised by our Australian Organic board member, Kim Morgan.

Find out more on the US Organic Trade Mission.

The Biggest Upcoming Trends for Organics – 2019 Natural Products Expo West.

  1. Specific focus on regenerative agriculture. The rise in Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) certified products. The most progressive organic brands are either; already there or heading in the direction of ROC certified products. The ROC will likely be seen in the future as the new gold standard for organic goods on the market.
  2. The increase of plant-based foods and food alternatives. For example, plant based proteins, milks, cheeses and butters. In addition to this, the trend to eat more plant food has increased along with this.
  3. Awareness of glyphosate is on the rise with glyphosate testing and glyphosate being displayed on packaging.
  4. A rising trend seen at the expo was CBD and hemp products – Products ranging from sleep aid to protein sources.
  5. Gut healing and promotion of healthy gut microbiome using probiotic and prebiotic products.
  6. Increase in functional food products. For example, Ketogenic/keto-friendly foods and low FODMAPs foods.


More exciting news coming out of Expo West;

The Organic Trade Association held a meeting, at Expo West, to launch a new program.  The consumer message “Skip all the Chemicals and Just Go With Organic” was produced during this meeting. This in the hopes to support and promote organic farmers with $1.5M already promised by organic stakeholders to invest in this initiative.


For more information and the wrap up of Expo West, visit the link below.