Casie O’Brien

Casie joined Australian Organic in October 2022 as the Program Manager. With over ten years working for an organic certification body, she brings her extensive industry background and knowledge to the Australian Organic team.

Maddy Stengert

Maddy joined AOL as Marketing Assistant in August 2022. Studying marketing and communication at university, Maddy is responsible for creating and delivering social media content and designing communication material for the company.

Cynthia Laing

Cynthia joined AOL as Legal Counsel and company secretary in September 2022. Cynthia is an experienced in-house legal counsel with a speciality in intellectual property. She has acted as the legal counsel for a range…

Victoria Roper

Victoria joined Australian Organic in September 2022 as a personal assistant to Niki Ford, CEO. Victoria has extensive experience as both a PA and Account Manager in corporate communications and investor relations. Victoria is responsible…

Nagini Paruchuri

Nagini joined Australian Organic Limited in December 2021 as Administration and Accounts Officer. Nagini is accountable for the daily financial administration of the business.

Kane Frampton

Kane joined Australian Organic Limited as Marketing Coordinator in April 2022 with experience in corporate marketing, as well as content and technical writing. Kane has a Masters of Creative Industries and is responsible for email…

Marie Deletoille

Marie joined Australian Organic Limited in July 2021 as Membership Executive. With a background in hospitality and customer service, Marie will dedicate her time to supporting members and continuing to provide outstanding members value.

Nicholas Mukherjee

Nicholas joined Australia Organic Limited in March 2021 as the Research and Policy Officer with a background in policy work within government departments and for a member of parliament. Nicholas oversees AOL’s research and policy…

Josefine Pettersson

Josefine Pettersson joined AOL as Technical Officer in June 2021 with a focus on standards development and market access to further advance the Organic industry. Josefine has a Masters of Organic Agriculture coupled with industry…

Niki Ford

Driven by her rural roots, Niki has a strong interest in agriculture, nutrition & organics. Niki joined AOL in 2018 becoming the first CEO. Since then, she has successfully navigated a demerge, restructured the operational…