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Renew Your membership with Australian organic

Have your say in the direction of the organic industry. Renew your membership for 2019.

Australian Organic Ltd (AOL) is Australia’s largest industry body representing over 2,000 certified organic operators in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region. AOL is a non-for-profit, member-owned organisation and the owner of Australia’s most recognised organic logo, the Bud logo, which is recognised by 49% of shoppers (Australian Organic Market Report 2018).

AOL produces Australia’s only report benchmarking the organic industry on an annual basis, and also hosts the nation’s largest consumer campaign celebrating certified organic products in Australia, Australian Organic Awareness Month (held every September). 

AOL recently demerged from its subsidiary Australian Certified Organic Pty Ltd (now ACO Certification Ltd) (Australia’s largest organic certifier) on 30 June 2018. As a result of the demerge, AOL is able to broaden its horizons and focus on the organic industry as a whole, rather than being limited to supporting operators only certified by ACO Certification Ltd, and continues to invest in the protection, promotion, research and education for certified organic products, brands and businesses.

Additionally, AOL actively works with and lobbies to government agencies, including the ACCC, to have ‘organic’ regulated as a claim in Australia in order to stop misleading consumers.

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The 2018 Australian Organic Market Report Findings

Australia - Most Organic Land

Australia is home to approx. 60% of the world’s certified organic land

Consumer Motivations

Personal health is one of the leading drivers for primary shoppers buying organic

Meeting the Demand

The number of certified organic processors has increased by 23% since 2016

Industry Growth

The total value of the organic industry in Australia has grown by 88% since 2012

Organic Value

Our nation’s organic industry is worth AU$2.4 billion

East Asia & North America

Are the leading regional export destinations for organic products produced in Australia