NutriSoil is a liquid biological fertiliser made from large worm farms. Organic animal, plant, mineral and ocean inputs are fed to compost worms and other soil organisms that consume and convert nutrients into a plant-available food and microbial stimulant. This encourages healthy natural growth, as plants exchange carbon from photosynthesis for essential nutrients with the microbes, in turn building healthy carbon-rich soils.

NutriSoil is suitable for application on all growing plants and soil types. It can be used as a foliar spray or seed inoculant and in fertigation systems. It is available in 2L and 25L container sizes and bulk tanks of 1000L capacity. Information and ordering can be done at

As well as an awesome solution to gardeners and farmers wanting to regenerate land whilst farming, NutriSoil prides themselves on supporting education from Australian and International scientists. Farmers can join or follow the Biological Farming Roundtables or attend education days held both at the Wodonga location or at other venues when specified.