Introducing Arcadian, Australia’s favourite organic meat company

Are you looking for delicious, convenient options that are also a responsible choice to feed the family? Cleaver’s has certified organic options that fit the bill perfectly. Mums can be confident that they’ve chosen a healthy option that everyone is going to enjoy. Cleaver’s is loved by families everywhere because it is healthy, ethical and delicious. Nothing else tastes like their tender grass-fed meat. Cleaver’s is indeed Australia’s favourite and most successful organic meat brand.

Cleaver’s products proudly display the Bud logo on their packaging. This means you can trust that they meet the highest standards of sustainable and ethical production. The business has partnered with over 120 certified organic farmers to produce livestock, which means they can supply consistent premium quality products all year round. Their farms are run by passionate Australian farming families and undergo rigorous external annual audits to ensure that organic certification standards are met. Their animals are raised in the open air and a natural environment. This keeps them naturally healthy. They are always grass-fed and never confined to feedlots or grain-finished. They are also raised without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, antibiotics or added hormones – ever.

Cleaver’s was founded on the basis of caring for people, caring for animals, and caring for the land. This led them to look closely at their carbon footprint and how they manage it. Cleaver’s made the decision to become 100% Carbon Neutral in 2019, which has allowed them to take responsibility for their footprint and carbon emissions – every animal, every product and every process.

Cleaver’s products are good for you. Organic grass-fed meat has more desirable poly-unsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids than conventional meat*. It is also free from synthetic chemical residues. Cleaver’s offers a fantastic chilled range of over 30 beef, lamb and chicken products. The range includes flavoured products and traditional cuts as well as ‘value added’ products like meatballs and burgers. Cleaver’s also produces certified organic ready meals, like their award-winning beef lasagne, and they also have a delicious beef jerky offering. This protein-based snack is an ideal alternative for lunch boxes. It’s a delicious meaty snack made in small batches using traditional methods and certified organic ingredients. It also comes in three delicious flavours to suit every taste.

Cleaver’s organic products are available in major Australian supermarkets and independent stores. If getting to your local supermarket is a problem, Cleaver’s home delivery service offers the perfect solution. To try it out today, visit and Click on ‘SHOP HOME DELIVERY’.

To see some delicious creations with Cleaver’s products, check out their Instagram and Facebook.

* Srednicka-Tober D. et al. (2016) Composition differences between organic and conventional meat; a systematic literature review and meta-analysis. British Journal of Nutrition February 2016