Grow with Mulgowie Farming Company

Mulgowie Farming Company are looking to expand their network of organic producers and growing partners.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive rate paid with opportunity of bonuses for quality produce.
  • Assistance provided to source quality seed if required.
  • Expert agronomy advice on mineral, plant, pest and microbial management.

Experience growing sweet corn, green beans or broccoli would be advantageous, but we are interested in speaking to organic growers of vegetables Australia-wide who would like to partner with our company.

About Mulgowie:

Mulgowie Farming Company is a large Australian owned and operated horticultural business, specialising in the growing, packing, marketing and distribution of fresh vegetables for domestic and export markets.

Mulgowie farmers are passionate about tending to Healthy Soil, growing Healthy Plants and consistently providing high quality, nutritious fresh vegetables for Healthy People.

For further information please contact Mulgowie:

Stephen Martin | Organic Supply Partner | 0418 660 429

Andrew Johanson | Agronomy Process Improvement Manager | 0439 205 710