Organic Farming Inputs

Farming Inputs

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Farmers as well as gardeners need a way of knowing that commercial garden products are suitable for use and that they satisfy recognised standards.

Allowed Inputs are agricultural products registered and recognised for allowed use in organic production systems under the Australian Organic Standard.

Many Australian Organic Allowed Inputs are available for sale from agricultural supply stores as well as large hardware and nursery chain store outlets.

Allowed inputs for organic growers, graziers and home gardeners

For use in other certification systems, you should first gain approval with your certifier. Non-certified operations will also benefit from use of these products.

To find vendors of these products in your area and for advice on their use, please contact the manufacturer on the contact details given. Alternatively Allowed Inputs can be searched via the Organic Product Search.

If you have a product that you would like to register as an Allowed Input, or to find out about gaining organic status, go to or call 07 3350 5706.