Australian Organic Natural Ingredients for Cosmetics Scheme

Australian Organic Certification

Global trade in natural ingredients has increased dramatically in the last years, a growth driven by consumers that looks forward to safer cosmetics free of harmful chemicals. Whilst organic certified cosmetics contains a high proportion of organic ingredients certified under several international organic standards, they also contain a small proportion of natural ingredients sourced from vegetable, mineral or marine renewable sources. Those natural ingredients are an important part of the product formula usually acting as moisturisers, surfactants, preservatives, etc.

Natural ingredients, like organic raw materials, are not certified by a third-party organisation, and due to this the lack of regulation, the term ‘natural’ has been applied to ingredients derived from GMO materials or to ingredients that, although initially derived from natural sources, have lost any ‘naturalness’ after so many synthetic chemical treatments.

The Cosmetics Raw Materials Scheme aims to provide comprehensive validation of natural ingredients to be used in ACO and COSMOS certified products, or by conventional cosmetics manufacturers wishing to market a product made with natural ingredients validated by a leading certification body.

Through our ingredients database, cosmetics manufacturers and formulators will have at their disposal hundreds of approved ingredients ready to use, and because the database is open, consumers of end products will be able to discern if the so-called natural ingredient in their shampoo meets stringent organic standards requirements.

There are three levels of approval for natural ingredients: Evaluation, Registration, and Certification.

To find out more about cosmetics evaluation, registration and certification, or to find out about becoming certified organic, go to or call 07 3350 5706.