When you choose to become a certified organic business you are choosing
to create a better environment for you, your family and our future.

By becoming an Australian Organic member you join a community
of people making a difference with the marketing and industry
support you need.


Each year we celebrate the immense contribution to the organic industry from clients certified to the bud logo. By showcasing the year’s most outstanding organic products, businesses and individuals.


Australian Organic has lodged a submission in contrast to the proposed mandatory broad spectrum fungicide treatment for all brassicaceous seeds to the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources.


Australia’s leading member representative industry group, owned by industry and for industry, investing in a better environment for Australian organic businesses to flourish and grow.

We support your business

Australian Organic

Australian Organic is a member owned not-for-profit industry body. We support and promote certified organic businesses.

The Bud logo is the oldest Australian organic certification mark in the country still currently in use and represents Australia’s leading certification logo, ‘Australian Certified Organic’ – ensuring integrity of organic products in the marketplace.

Supporting certified organic businesses like Gemtree Wines since 1987

What We Do


We aim to educate businesses and consumers on the importance of living an organic lifestyle for your health, family & future. 

Awareness Month

A consumer campaign putting all things ‘certified organic’ in the spotlight for the month of September.

Organic Industry Awards

 Celebrating the best and most innovate products and people in the organic industry – the best in organics.

Research & Publications

We research the organic industry including growth, awareness, consumer insights and exports annual to be published in the Australian Organic Market Report.


We are a member based not-for-profit company and your membership supports the organic industry and education of certified organics. 

Marketing & Events

Marketing and networking opportunities through events and campaigns. To grow, support and celebrate your organic business.

Certified Organic Membership

Stay informed with this exclusive membership for certified organic operators only including an industry newsletter, discounted events and sponsorships. Plus secure your vote on the future of Australian Organic Ltd.


Trade Membership

Organics is booming! To be part of the movement certified operators, industry partners and businesses looking for a trusted resource on all things certified organic will receive industry updates plus discounted events and sponsorship


Which Membership is right for me?

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Australian Organic membership

Why I became a member

“We can’t undervalue our health”

I wanted information on how I could live an organic lifestyle including reducing the chemical exposure for my family – right down to gardening and the products we use within our house.

Rhi, Brisbane QLD

“Support for the organic industry”

“I wanted to partner with strong organisations that stand for organic principles and support for what we do is important for our future and the integrity of organic standards”

Melissa, Gemtree Wines

“Excellent Organic industry insights”

“Because we want to stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry and to support the broader certified organic movement in Australia.

Ash, Struman’s Organic Beer Co