Like no other crisis we have experienced in our time, COVID-19 has forever changed our lives and will no doubt go down in history as a pivotal moment that defined our future. While many consumers embarked on a series of panic buying sprees, supply chains became restricted, aero logistics shutdown; and federal and state borders closed. Through all of this, Australian producers have kept supplying produce to meet the growing demand. While all consumables were in high demand, certified organic consumption increased higher than 50% according to retailers and wholesalers during its peak and has settled back to higher than expected sales rates.

International reports have suggested that increased organic demand during previous health scares lasted well after the crisis passed. During the BSE crisis in 2000, organic meat sales outstripped supply; SARS saw organic consumption surge across many Asian countries; and the melamine scandal in 2008 bolstered demand for organic baby food across China.

While the future many provide uncertainty as what the new normal will look like, we can be assured that organic produce will be highly valued, in demand and become more mainstream.

You would all agree it has been an enormous few months for the industry and yet we have only just begun on what is going to be a dynamic year for organics. I have had the privilege of talking to many of you over the past weeks and I am hoping to connect with many more over the next month or two. I wanted to end my update by thanking Bud licensees for their ongoing support. AOL is only successful because of the support and trust you have in our organisation to deliver domestic regulation and build a strong future.


Niki Ford
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Organic Ltd