At a time of significant change domestically, AOL commends the incredible agility and achievements the Australian Organic industry has demonstrated and is proudly continuing to promote and support our members and our community.

July marked two years since the demerge from ACO Certification Ltd – the biggest change AOL has undertaken. It’s incredible to think Australian Organic Limited is celebrating its second year as Australia’s leading peak industry body and to look back at all of the achievements to date is both humbling and encouraging.

To become the peak industry body, we have had to chart a course that has not always been smooth nor direct. We have had to re-evaluate every aspect of our business operationally – review the financial model, restructure the team, prioritise events and activities to support the progress of this change – while still delivering value to our members and establishing our name on a federal and state level.

24 months since the demerge, I am very proud to say that AOL is being recognised as the leading Peak Organic Industry Body, at all levels of government and industry. Thanks to the support and passion of the AOL team, the Board of Directors and our members.

Despite being restricted to travel within Queensland only, it has been fantastic to be able to interact with members through virtual means. It was an honour to be requested by Bellamy’s Organic to contribute to a product launch video, sharing insights on the Australian organic industry and promoting the importance of the Bud certification mark when it comes to ensuring quality organic products.

Support from our members and Bud licensees has provided enormous progress towards delivering consistent domestic regulation for organic production while creating a strong foundation for Australia’s leading peak industry body. AOL is focused on supporting our members and industry progression.

We look forward to celebrating Australian Organic Awareness Month with the certified organic industry in September.


Niki Ford
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Organic Ltd