The first two months of 2020 witnessed many operators impacted by the tragic bushfires across our national landscape. Whether affected through fire, smoke, or second and third order impacts, Australians pulled together to support one another. I have spoken to many Bud certified operators over the past few months and have been in awe of the resilience shown despite much devastation.

February however brought some much needed rain to regions that haven’t seen any for years as well as helping extinguish the bushfires. The extreme weather Australia is experiencing has brought attention to the changing climatic conditions impacting our nation and the importance of how we, as a nation, plan to combat those impacts. Regardless of your production sector, we all play a role in the model for change and if it wasn’t obvious before the summer we have had, it certainly must be now.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you on my regional trips.


Niki Ford
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Organic Ltd