Sequoia Organic Earth Repair

Sequoia Organic Earth Repair

Certified Organic No-Kill Cropping

Regenerative Agriculture Contractor

Stubble Mulch and Single Disc in One Pass

$100 per ha plus GST


John Dowling
Kerang, VIC

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Woodshield Fencing Fire Support Package

Woodshield Fencing Fire Support Package

We at Woodshield would like to offer support to anyone who has lost fencing with these destructive fires that are around the country. It is simply devastating to see so many people, animals, farms and properties that have been affected by these fires. The one great positive to come from all of this is to see Australians and the international community pulling together to support one another.

If we can help please contact us with a photo of your affected property and we will work in with you.

Fence Posts
95/100mm round posts – come in bundles of 37
1.8mt – $23.76
2.1mt – $26.76
2.4mt – $29.76
Fire Support Package – Now all $13.46 + GST

The Woodshield post is a non-treated timber post encased in recycled polymer joining – the best of both worlds. The rigidity and strength of wood, with the toughness and resilience of plastic. This increases the strength and the longevity of the post, approx. 4-5 times longer than a treated timber post with a 100% greater breaking angle.

The posts are fully sealed at each end and the encapsulated plastic coating means the timber does not dry out and split – therefore you do not have fasteners becoming loose etc. Standard fasteners can be used. No rot, no rust, no termite/white ant issues, no chemical issues and no disposal issues – totally sustainable and environmentally friendly. Made in Australia since 2004, they are safe for animals and can be installed in and around water including saltwater.

We are an approved organic post, certified with ACO Certification Ltd in Australia and BioGro in New Zealand.

The below email we received from our customer on 10th Feb 2014. Their property is in Gisborne, VIC:

I just wanted to send you a message this morning regarding the absolute awesomeness of the woodshield poles. Unfortunately yesterday we were victims to a very large grass fire that swept through our property, and with how bad it was fortunately our house, stables and all of our woodshield pole paddocks are fine. Our boarder fence made of normal poles has been burnt to the ground, so I just wanted to let you know that your poles can survive in the ocean and a raging grass fire!


Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can help with anything:

The Woodshield Team
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