Coles Brand Organic: Available only at Coles

Coles Brand Organic: Available only at Coles

Some products claim to be ‘Organic’ but haven’t been certified. You can be assured that all Coles Brand Organic products are Australian Certified Organic.

Our products are rigorously tested and audited to ensure every product is non-GMO, pasture fed, biodiversity friendly, responsibly sourced and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics.

Coles Brand Organic Milks

Discover creamy, delicious and dairy free Coles Organic milk. Unleash the power of Oats with new Coles organic Oat milk made with all natural ingredients! Organic Soy milk, Almond milk & Coconut milk are also available only at Coles.

Learn more about Coles Organic range here: coles.com.au

Bellamy’s Organic: Certified organic, nutritious baby food

Bellamy’s Organic: Certified organic, nutritious baby food

Bellamy’s Organic was founded in 2004 by Tasmanian mother Dooley Bellamy-Crighton, who wanted to provide a nutritious, Organic choice for her children. Bellamy’s Organic has since grown to become Australia’s #1 Organic Brand, making Certified Organic, nutritious baby food and milk drinks that are Made in Australia and use only the highest quality ingredients.

The Bellamy’s Organic range of 37 Certified Organic products includes milk drinks, first foods (Baby Cereals), Rusks, Food Pouches, and Baby Snacks.

Learn more about Bellamy’s Organic here: bellamysorganic.com.au

Angove Family Winemakers: Certified organic, simply delicious wines

Angove Family Winemakers: Certified organic, simply delicious wines

Angove Family Winemakers is Australia’s leading and largest certified organic grape grower and winemaker, with a deep commitment to sustainability at all levels. With major interests in vineyards across South Australia the links to the land are as strong as ever and the desire to protect and improve this finite natural resource is driving much of the development of the Angove Organic range.

As grape and wine producers across Australia become more concerned about the long-term sustainability of their vineyards and winemaking businesses, an interest in soil health has increased considerably within the wine industry and health industry.

Angove’s vineyard ducks help with pest control

Established 133 years ago by Dr William Angove, the brand has a deep heritage in wellness. Dr Angove migrated to Australia from Cornwall in 1886. He entered viticulture and winemaking when as a medical doctor he recommended wine to his patients as a tonic to support their health.

Made with the gentlest touch and with minimal inputs, the Angove family crafts their range of exceptional Certified Organic wines from premium grapes sourced from a number of organic and biodynamic vineyards throughout McLaren Vale and the Riverland. At no stage during the grape growing or winemaking processes are synthetic chemicals or non-organic inputs used.

Learn more about Angove Family Winemakers, including where to buy their organic wines, here: https://www.angoveorganicwine.com.au/en