Used by 250,000+ students, Australian Organic Schools is a totally free, online education curriculum that gives children the knowledge and skills to grow healthy food. It also teaches students about the benefits of organic for our health and the environment.

It’s one of the few initiatives that connect students to organic farmers and get inside food production. Lessons are aligned with the Australian Curriculum to integrate food growing into children’s learning.

Why teachers and parents love Australian Organic Schools

“We promote organic gardening because it reduces, reuses and recycles school waste. It is a scientific fact that children who eat well engage effectively in their learning. With the increase in allergies, the less exposure to chemicals, the healthier our children will be.”

Marilyn Koolstra, Principal Valkstone Primary School

“It’s been a delight to watch Silvan Primary School involved in the Australian Organic Schools program. Teachers and children alike have been passionate about learning and putting organic gardening into practice. My children have loved this part of their curriculum and it has stimulated lots of conversation about food, how it grows and the relationship between the soil, air, rain and food.”

Parent, Silvan Primary School

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