Arcadian Organic: Supplying quality certified organic meat since 2005

Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co. is a leading global supplier of premium quality certified organic meat. It is a pioneer in the organic meat industry both in Australia and internationally.

Arcadian’s growth has happened steadily since starting in 2005, driven by a focus on partnership and ensuring that the relationships formed are for the long term. Arcadian works hard to develop the market while riding out the highs and the lows together with partners to ensure that everyone’s business remains intact and profitable.

Arcadian prides itself on a history of innovation, market leadership, and creating award-winning products to meet the changing demands of the market. The company’s flagship Cleaver’s brand is the most successful organic meat brand in Australia and is also supplied to export markets, along with other brands that the company supports strongly.

Arcadian proudly maintains ‘year-round’ supply of the highest quality organic & natural meat products. Around 25% of Arcadian’s production is sold domestically under the Cleaver’s brand. The remaining 75% of production is exported to nine countries, primarily the USA.

Arcadian has also been a 100% Carbon Neutral business since June 2019, a voluntary decision that was right ethically and right commercially.  Arcadian believes that its prosperity is tied to the land and wants to ensure the country remains healthy and productive. Becoming a 100% Carbon Neutral meat company allows Arcadian to take responsibility for its footprint and carbon emissions – across the entire business and every product it produces. Every greenhouse gas emission between farming and delivering finished products is now balanced by an equal quantity of verified greenhouse gas ‘removals’ activity (called carbon offsets).

Arcadian always maintains its commitment to the values of Australian family farming, the wellbeing of future generations and supplying premium quality certified organic meat.

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Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co. are proud sponsors of the Australian Organic Market Report 2021.