Australian Organic internships and volunteers

Australian Organic offers interns and volunteers the opportunity to work in an organisation that promotes a healthy and sustainable future.

Internships and volunteer opportunities are available in media, marketing, PR and sales.  Interns say the experience of working with Australian Organic has enriched their theory-based knowledge in their chosen field.

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What former interns and volunteers say:

“When working with Australian Organic, in addition to other tasks, I was given the opportunity and space to really develop my area of interest, crisis communication. I was given the room and responsibility to find and develop my own tasks that I thought were important. My Crisis Response Plan proposal was taken seriously; I was asked to participate in boardroom discussions in crisis situations and asked to host a webinar on crisis communications.

“My interaction with Australian Organic allowed me to explore what I could be in industry and really enabled me to see where I could go with Public Relations and Crisis Communication.”
Nikki, Bachelor of Communication.

There are so many areas to doing work experience at Australian Organic that volunteers can gain work on real life projects which interest them as well as gaining experience in other fields. I found my time volunteering at Australian Organic to be a fulfilling experience and a good step toward the industry I would like to work in.

“While writing stories aimed to educate consumers on the benefits of organics, I learnt a lot myself which I pass on to friends and family.”
Megan, Bachelor of Communication and Bachelor of Asian Studies 

“When I  volunteered at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, I was able to really able to get my hands dirty, literally. My absolute favorite thing while working with Australian Organic was the real world contact I was able to get. My focus was the Australian Organic School program and I felt I was able to really be part of the project and make my mark.

“I have always been passionate about gardening and organic healthy foods; during the festival I was able to really talk with people about organic gardening and have a lot of fun with the kids, helping them with their little plant pots, planting organic seeds. I had an awesome time, got great experiences and made useful industry contact.”
Kate  (Volunteer Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne)

“During 2013 Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to work with Australian Organic Schools. I was working with a great team and had a fantastic time and experience. My absolute favorite part was working with the kids and helping them with the gardening;, so everyone had a great time. I really felt like I was part of the team and found out that I really like working in the industry.”
Cathy (Volunteer Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne)

“I was a volunteer for Australian Organic at the Sustainable Living Festival 2013 in Melbourne. During that time I was put in contact with industry specialists, schools and presenters, it was a great, ‘hands-on’ learning experience. I was given the opportunity to actually contribute, make my own decision and have then listen to and acted on; I wasn’t just some coffee-runner, I was an active part of the team.

“Australian Organic gave me with the opportunity to show what I had to offer and practice that in the real world. I had a great time networking in industry, working on the program and with a team. I would recommend the experience for anyone who wants to see what working in the real world is really like.”
Sam (Volunteer Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne)

“I completed my study degree, majoring in marketing, with the goal to use the marketing skills for something meaningful in life, and not to just “try to sell something that nobody needs”. Therefore, I applied for an internship in the marketing department at Australian Organic. Australian Organic is probably the best known organic certifier in Australia and therefore for interns the perfect place to learn more about the industry and at the same time to do something meaningful – to make people aware of how to live more sustainably and environmentally friendly, so that future generations have the chance to live on a habitable and healthy planet, too.
Stefanie, Bachelor of Business Administration, International Marketing