Australian Organic Sponsorship Opportunities

Australian Organic Sponsorship Opportunities

Australian Organic engages consumers through its main consumer education program, the Australian Organic Schools program (AOS). AOS is funded by Australian Organic, program partners, government funding, and donations.

Please email to find out more about Australian Organic’s AOS program sponsorship opportunities.

The Australian Organic Schools program is also supported by partners who believe in the program’s mission to educate future generations about the importance of healthy food choices.

There are opportunities to support the program, as a corporate partner, through tax-deductible donations and volunteering. Companies wishing to support schools with products or services for gardening or food preparation are also encouraged to join the program as donors.

[tabs] [tab title=”Platinum“]Together with the Platinum partner, we will build a package to align your company activities to represent the best value for you in this exclusive partnership. This platinum position is over a three-year period, with an option of a three-by-three agreement. Exclusive business activities and other sponsor participation are subject to agreement by the principal partner.[/tab] [tab title=”Program partner“]With four positions in this national sponsor space, your involvement is intricately linked to the marketing delivery of the Australian Organic Schools program and your company forms part of the print, digital, online and social media communications for the program. Opportunities aligned with our Ambassadors program will further benefit your company involvement in the program and national promotion. Your sponsorship is an agreement of deliverables over a 12-month time frame and with a first option for you to renew this agreement.[/tab] [tab title=”School sponsor“]

A school sponsorship allows your company to get involved in a cost-effective way and support a national grants round for schools. Your contribution has an enormous impact as it provides schools with funds to build a garden and allow for hands-on learning. With the Australian Organic Schools lessons already aligned with the Australian Curriculum, the bi-annual grant enables schools to get their garden growing.




The Australian Organic Schools program is freely available to all Australian schools, so the financial contributions of individuals and companies provide assistance to schools nationally.

A donation can be made anonymously, or your company or name can be acknowledged on the donations page of We greatly appreciate your support in educating our children about where food comes from. Any contributions over $2 are tax-deductible.

Government funding

Australian Organic actively seeks government funding to develop teacher training packages attached to the Australian Organic Schools program. Teacher training packages will up skill classroom teachers and volunteers, and assist schools to integrate the program into their curriculum. The program, which is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and supports schools with technical information and links to key learning areas, will be further enhanced by offering teacher training packages.

Learn more about the Australian Organic Schools program.