September 2015 – Message from the Chair

Andrew Monk, Chair Australian Organic

Andrew Monk, Chair Australian Organic

Have you nominated yourself, your company or a colleague for the national Australian Organic Awards for Excellence?

Have you been actively leveraging the investments and activities in Australian Organic Awareness Month?

If you are only reading about these initiatives for the first time, welcome to our group – where Australia’s best organic business people meet and lead the industry and market. Are you leading with us?

Strategic time and resourcing investments of the past year have seen a focusing and strengthening of our core activities – protecting and regulating Australian certified organic products in Australia; working behind the scenes with the peak Council OISCC on collaboration and liaison with government; and promotion of your certified organic brands through initiatives like Australian Organic Schools, Australian Organic Awareness Month, and our national Awards for Excellence.

We’d like to think that our focus, professionalism and passion to grow demand for legitimate certified organic products is reaping organic rewards. As we move into a year ahead of review of our Objects, a review of the performance of these new programs, and a review of our overall strategy for the coming 5 years ahead we would love to hear from our members – at our events, or simply even by writing to us or contacting us directly.

There remain many risks and challenges for our industry ahead. Working together we will deal with these while capitalising on the opportunities we have in our hands.

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