Zeally Bay Sourdough have a bun in the oven – Congratulations!

Sourdough Bread - ZeallyOn September 3rd at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Zeally Bay Sourdough were announced the winners of four awards in the Sourdough Category.

They placed Gold with their Southern Casalinga, Silver with their Fruit Loaf and Bronze with both the Light Wholemeal and Spelt Buckwheat & Polenta. They were the only certified organic bakery in the Sourdough Awards Category.

Zeally Bay Sourdough (ZBS) was established in Torquay in 2007 using a family-kept leaven that is more than 30 years old. The Zeally Bay Sourdough bread range is all hand-made and certified organic with ACO.

Joel Farnan from Zeally Bay Sourdough comments that winning the awards ‘is a resounding endorsement of our bakery out there in the Sourdough Bread Category.’ ‘And that importantly for our organic suppliers, it also demonstrates that we are buying the best ingredients from the best of the best producers in the country. The fact that they happen to be organic, is proof that organic food is better food.’

Sourdough bread making is a highly skilled craft and our bakers have an intimate understanding of the process. Each loaf takes in excess of 30 hours to make, going through multiple fermentation stages before being baked. The fermentation or sourdough action imparts a wonderful flavour and moist texture as well as a good crust on our bread.

Zeally Bay Sourdough supply retailers, cafes and restaurants on the Surf Coast, Geelong and Melbourne surrounds with fresh baked bread daily.