Wray to go

Wray Organic Expo signs “Consumers are hungry for information,” says Deborah Wray, after holding the first Wray Organic Expo at the Brisbane Showgrounds on May 17 and 18.

Wray Organic is a large certified organic supermarket and cafe franchise, which has nine stores in and around Brisbane.

Founder Deborah Wray says the event exceeded expectations, allowing visitors to learn more about organic products and encourage networking within the organic industry. It was also a great opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to get immediate feedback from consumers.

Tintin Sealey, founder of dairy and gluten-free ice cream Cocofrio, exhibited at the event. She says, “The most effective way of introducing our products is to get them into people’s mouths. This expo was a powerful tool to do so.” A lot of visitors asked about Cocofrio’s ingredients, in particular, the sweetener raw agave. It has come under scrutiny for being a concentrated food – similar to fruit juice or honey – which some say should be consumed in moderation. Tintin says, “Cocofrio is in the transition of replacing the ingredient with rice syrup to be a fructose friendly product.” So look out for this change.

Information filled the two-day expo. For Australian Organic it was a great opportunity to remind visitors to look out for a certification logo such as Australian Certified Organic’s Bud to make sure what they are buying is truly organic. Australian Organic’s Janine Heinemann says, “It was definitely an education seminar for the public.”

Other exhibitors included Spiral Foods, Planet Eve, Australian Harvest, Amazonia, Carwari and Coolmunda Olives. Living an organic lifestyle is a lot easier if we know how to look for truly organic products and where to buy them. Expos like this are a fabulous opportunity to spread the word.

We look forward to another Wray Organic Expo in 2015.