Why your gut health matters

Sa ferment wkshop

Fermenting workshop with Dr Sarah Lantz

Our friend and Australian Organic Awareness Month ambassador Dr Sarah Lantz LOVES fermenting to create Kombucha. A fantastic certified organic beverage great for maintaining good gut health.  Sarah says, “Kombucha has been fermented and brewed for over two millennia and has been said to have qualities that detoxify the body and energise the mind.”

Kombucha: Defined as a living beverage that is fermented using a blend of organic white, green or black tea (or blends), organic raw sugar and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (commonly called the SCOBY or Mother). 

Why gut health matters

We have over 100 trillion gut bacteria that you would think only affect digestion, however science is now uncovering links between the good and the bad bacteria on our overall health and wellbeing.

When we have a healthy gut full of good bacteria it not only supports digestion, but allows us to synthesise vitamins and boost our immune system – just to name a few!

When bad bacteria outweighs the good it’s thought to contribute to chronic diseases, fatigue, inflammatory disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, acne and even obesity.

Unfortunately processed foods, synthetic chemicals, over consumption of antibiotics (including those in the animals we eat), lack of fibre and high stress lifestyles can all throw out the balance of good and bad bacteria crucial to our overall health.

So the first step to good gut health is to ensure your diet and lifestyle minimise the above disruptors. Certified organic foods and drinks and high fibre diets all have an important role to play to maintaining good gut health.

You can also consume probiotics such as certified organic fermented drinks and foods to fortify the levels of good bacteria in your gut.

When it comes to products certified by Australian Certified Organic the whole production process is certified organic, which means where it has come from and how its been processed is non GM and grown free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics.

How did fermenting come about?

Buchi Fermenting barrels

Kombucha fermenting barrels

Before the era of refrigeration and artificial preservatives, fermenting is how we made food last. Almost any food can be fermented and commonly known examples include yoghurt, sauerkraut, tofu, miso soup and pickles.

But, this artisan practice is coming back!

Australian fermented beverage company, Buchi Kombucha offers a range of delicious raw, certified organic beverages fortified with powerful health boosters including turmeric, ginger, lime and galangal.

Buchi hold a range of hands-on fermentation/living food/nutrition workshops and brewery tours throughout the year. These workshops, held in Brisbane and surrounding areas introduces you to the everyday practices of fermentation and gut health. For more details go to facebook/buchikombucha.

For residents in other states, it can be worthwhile tracking down a reputable workshop in your area.

By learning how to create your own fermented beverages and foods using certified organic ingredients, you’ll save money and improve your overall health.


Live near Gold Coast Queensland?

You can attend the Wray Organic and Buchi Kombucha fermenting workshop this October. Find out more below!

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To find out more click here!

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