Why you should fall in love with organic chocolate this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to buying chocolate for your loved one why not make an ethical choice?

The difference between conventional and organic chocolate is in the cacao bean.

Currently, the majority of cacao beans are imported and it’s sometimes criticised for inequitable returns to growers.

Australian Certified Organic’s Senior Certification Officer Jorge Larranaga says, “With organic certification, not only is the product grown and sourced organically, farmers have also been fairly paid through the higher premiums organic certification provides.”

Pana Chocolate

Pana Chocolate making raw, organic chocolate in Melbourne

With an Australian Certified Organic product Jorge says, “Added ingredients such as cinnamon and chilli, milk, sugar, fruit and nuts must all meet the Australian Certified Organic fair trade requirements. This is in comparison with Fair Trade certified products where only the cacao bean and/or cacao powder are certified.”

You are not just looking after the cacao farmers, but every other involved farmer, producer and processor that is involved in making certified organic chocolate.

Rhiannon Druce from Green Grove Organics says, “We source our organic cacao beans from Rapunzel Naturkost, a certified organic and fair trade distributor. We trust that Rapunzel cares about the quality of the products and the quality of life of the farmers who produce it.”

The cacao bean has a high fat content, making it susceptible to absorbing synthetic pesticides and fertilisers when grown and processed conventionally.

Farmers who grow their crops organically use environmentally sustainable practices, this means no synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers and no GM plants.

Cacao farms look after biodiversity, growing cacao beans under the shade of rainforest trees alongside crops like avocados, pineapples, bananas and coffee. This safeguards the cacao trees and beans against disease and ensures natural biodiversity of the farm.

Give more this Valentine’s Day with certified organic chocolate.

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Green Grove Organics chocolate

Mixed display of Green Grove Organics chocolate