Why trust organic in supermarkets

canned tomatoesMajor supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths work hard to wear the Australian Certified Organic logo on their products.

All products that wear the Australian Certified Organic logo meet the 100 page Australian Certified Organic Standard or a standard that is deemed equivalentCompanies that use the logo are audited each year and products are also randomly tested for residues.

In addition to this products that are certified organic abide by the most rigorous trace back systems available in the marketplace. This means that every step of the product’s lifecycle has to be accounted for and auditors look for proof of traceability. This applies to products that use Australian ingredients and products that use imported ingredients. Companies need to prove that they have sourced ingredients from wholesalers or certified processors that meet the Australian Certified Organic Standard or an equivalent standard.

Australian Certified Organic’s Chief Certification Officer Michael Baker says, “You can trust certified organic products in supermarkets as much as those in smaller outlets like health food shops.  If anything, due to supermarkets’ own quality assurance programs, they can require more inspections and checks than smaller outlets.”

Founder of TOM Organic, a feminine hygiene range, Aimee Marks says shoppers shouldn’t feel they are supporting them any less by buying at supermarkets. Aimee says, “Buying in stores is incredibly important because you’re helping to keep us on the shelf.” And therefore making it widely available to all women.

She says it’s thanks to organic brands like hers reaching mainstream markets that keeps products affordably priced and increase their sales.