Why do we certify imported ingredients?

Australian Certified Organic certifies ingredients and products that are manufactured overseas.

Australian Certified Organic gets its name because the business is based in Australia. While we encourage businesses to choose Australian grown products, the reality is not all ingredients are available in Australia. Some manufacturers and retailers need a consistent, high supply of ingredients, which they simply can’t source from within the country. All ingredients, whether local or imported, must comply with the strict requirements of the Australian Certified Organic Standard.

Australia doesn’t produce all the certified organic ingredients needed to go into some products, whether that be skincare or food.


In skincare and cosmetics it is difficult to find a certified organic product that has been made purely from Australian derived ingredients.

Skincare companies accredited with Australian Certified Organic such as Pure and Green Organics are 100% Australian made and owned and import certified organic ingredients from around the world. By buying their products you are supporting an Australian owned and operated company. Importing particular ingredients means that they can supply us with quality products to use and enjoy that would not otherwise be available.


Pure and Green Organics list on their website which ingredients are locally grown or imported from overseas.  Pure and Green Organics says,

“While all our products contain a minimum 60% Australian grown raw materials there are some ingredients that we need to source from overseas, either because they are not grown in Australian or are not available in an organic form.  We choose to source fair trade certified organic ingredients wherever possible as part of our internal social justice policy to ensure there is no child labour used, above average wages paid, and education and health care benefits provided to provided to farmers.”

The same scrutiny is applied to imported food and drink ingredients.

International companies

International companies accredited by Australian Certified Organic still need to meet the rulebook for production and manufacturing, the Australian Certified Organic Standard which is one of the strictest in the world. They also undergo annual audits.

Food products and ingredients

The faithful cacao bean is a great example, it’s not widely grown in Australia and is a commonly imported ingredient. Without certifying imported cacao beans and/or powder we would not have Australian Certified Organic chocolatier companies like Pana Chocolate and Loving Earth processing their scrumptious treats.  Not only can you trust the organic claims of certified organic products, you can also be rest assured that they meet the ethical and fair trade criteria in the Standard.

Australian Certified Organic’s Senior Certification Officer Jorge Larranaga says, “With organic certification, not only is the product grown and sourced organically farmers have been paid fairly due to the higher premiums organic certification provides a business.”

You can read more about organic chocolate via our blog post Why choose organic chocolate this Valentine’s Day.

If you have any examples of imported products you are concerned about please let us know. We take false claims of organic certification seriously and follow them up immediately.