What’s Costa doing this Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day I will be buzzin’ like a bee and spreading communal love, not dressed in psychedelic colours and driving a combi van with smoke chuffin’ out the back. I’ll be spreading the communal love of bees.Yes, this Valentine’s Day I am splitting my native bee hive and setting up the off spring hive at my local school (in fact it’s the primary school I went to as a little bee).


The buzzin’ Valentine’s love of bees can then start to cross pollinate with the kids and expose them to the importance of community in the big ecological garden planet we live on.

You’ll get to see the hive split and bee offspring on Gardening Australia too.

And how’s he spending the evening?

And after a days filming with the bees, I will be jumping on a flight to Melbourne and beginning a weekend’s involvement with the Sustainable Living Festival. Valentine’s evening sees me in the regional centre of Geelong spreading the incredible edible message, talking all about the passion for food growing, community gardens and edible streets at a talk in the city.

I can’t wait to meet the locals and spread the Valentine voice of vegetation sensation.

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