What is biodynamic?

Cullen Wines - Winter Solstice 2

Pictured: Cullen Wines, WA – preparing for Winter Solstice 2016.

Biodynamic is a form of organic farming. The concept originated with the 19th Century Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner. He was interested in the interdependence of all of nature, including the effect of the lunar cycle on nature. He also understood the essential nature of biologically active soils. He coined the term “biodynamic” to encapsulate the healthy natural farming environment and encouraged the development of farming techniques to optimize natural systems, using a lunar calendar as a reference for timing of critical activities.

All our farmers are ACO or OGA certified organic, however, if biodynamic principles are added to the farming program, then the term biodynamic can apply.  It takes three consecutive years of audits for the farms/vineyards to be certified as ‘A-grade certified’ organic; in the second and third years, they are certified as ‘in conversion’ prior to full certification.

Today, more than ever before, it is commercially attractive to use “green”, “eco” or “sustainable” claims on products. Organic certification  is the only protection for consumers and producers, as is stops non organic producers from falsely marketing themselves as organic. Always remember to look for the Bud!