What do I need to know about labelling of EU certified organic products for export?


Prior to exporting to the EU, you must have all relevant products certified to the EU Equivalency Program and meet the below labelling requirements:

EU certified operations  may use the EU leaf logo.  The logo and labelling guidelines can be downloaded from the EU website http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/organic/downloads/logo/index_en.htm

Products carrying the EU logo or being exported to Europe must ensure:

–          At least 95% of the products ingredients are of agricultural origin and have been organically produced to a standard recognised by the EU

–          All products comply with ACO inspection and control measures

–          All products must bear either the name of the producer/preparer or vendor

–          The correct EU code of the inspection body

–          Conversion labelling is not permitted

Product exported to Europe requires the mandatory EU code to be on the label. ACO has two EU codes as detailed below:


Product which is certified to the National Standard and meets the requirements of Department of Agriculture.


Product produced in Australia – which includes wine, livestock/or livestock by-products, plant processed product which contains imported EU certified ingredients.  Product produced internationally in a country where ACO has EU recognition e.g. Fiji, China, Vanuatu (as per EU regulation 1235/2008).

Please view our ACO Labelling and Logo Style Guide here.

For further information, please contact the ACO office.