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…are you?

Gemtree is a family owned winery dedicated to growing better wine, naturally.

We believe that great winemaking stems from the collaboration between viticulturist and winemaker, which in this case are husband and wife. Dynamic duo Mike Brown, Chief Winemaker, and wife Melissa Brown, Biodynamic Viticulturist, work together to grow our award winning Gemtree Wines.

What…do you do?

Winegrowers for more than 30 years, Gemtree Wines now own 328 acres of certified organic and biodynamic vineyards in McLaren Vale. With minimal intervention in the winemaking process and a more environmentally conscious farming system, Gemtree produces certified organic and biodynamic wines which are powerful, concentrated, and express the true characteristics of each grape variety and the region.

Where…are you located?

Our Sustainable Cellar Door and winery is located in the famous winemaking region of McLaren Vale.

When…did you become certified?

Gemtree achieved organic certification in 2011 and is currently certified organic and biodynamic by Australian Certified Organic.

What is your organic story?

Being a staunch consumer and user of organic products, Melissa advocated that the removal of herbicides and many synthetic chemicals from the vineyard would produce better tasting fruit and ultimately lead to high quality wines and she was absolutely right! By introducing organic and biodynamic farming practices in the vineyard Melissa has enhanced the overall health of our vineyard ecosystem.

Melissa started farming biodynamically in 2007 but we took a very pragmatic approach to the transition. These systems had to work with our vineyard, so we couldn’t just throw the baby out with the bath water and just all of a sudden change every single regime. We started slowly and now after several years we can see a noticeable difference in the health of our vineyard and quality of our fruit. Mike conducted extensive experimentation with biodynamic and organic wines using alternative winemaking practices and the result is the quality wines that Gemtree produces today.

The Gemtree family see themselves as custodians of the land and their approach to sustainability is simple ~ it is the right thing to do. It is not just about winemaking, it is about setting new standards for sustainable, generational farming. Sustainable, organic and biodynamic approaches underpin everything that we do. Even our cellar door is sustainable.

Our sustainable cellar door opened in April 2013. It was purpose built in Sydney and now sits lightly upon the earth on stilts. From recycled materials and energy efficient utilities to a huge solar panel and worm farm to recycle our food scraps, the design of our cellar door is the perfect reflection of the Buttery family’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

What do you love most about your business?

We love that we can make premium quality McLaren Vale wines whilst enhancing the vineyard ecosystem instead of degrading it. Our farming approach is not only to enhance the quality of our wines but also leave a sustainable legacy for our children.

And….any good stories to share?

Gemtree is a proud gold sponsor of Australian Organic Awareness month. Gemtree are also proud partners of the Australian Organic Member Benefits. For details of their offer to members, please visit: http://staging.austorganic.com/gemtree-member-offer/

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The Gemtree Family