Welcome to the Cellar Door: Angove Family Winemakers

Vine Image edittedWho…are you?

Angove Family Winemakers

What…do you do?

Craft an extensive range of organic (and non organic) wines from our vineyards across South Australia.

Where…are you located?

Principally McLaren Vale and Renmark

When…did you become certified?


Why…did you become certified?

For commercial, quality and environmental reasons. We identified a gap in the market for good quality, well priced, organically certified wines and knew we could put together a good offer.

At all levels of viticulture, organic systems help the vine produce better fruit. Photosynthesis, the method by which the vine converts sunlight into sugar in the grapes, is increased in an organically maintained vineyard. The vines’ efficiency increases and the ripening process of the grapes becomes faster. We have seen in many instances that the earliest fruit harvested is usually the best quality and often from organic vineyards. If a vine is truly healthy and growing in healthy soils we believe they will be producing better flavours earlier in the growing season. Healthy soil is promoted and created by extensive use of organic mulches and the growing of a permanent sward of grasses along the vine rows. This in turn encourages symbiotic insect and spider populations to flourish that naturally take care of any pest insect species. The mulch reduces the amount of water that needs to be applied to the vine and also the need to use herbicides to control weed populations. Under-vine weeding, if required, is undertaken using pine oil (have you noticed how nothing grows under a pine tree) or manually removal.

A healthy vine is also more resistant to mildew and fungal growth, including botrytis. This further reduces the need to use any control sprays. If sprays are used they are all made from organic materials and certified for use by Australian Certified Organic. Abiding to an organic protocol to run a vineyard and make wine is timely, and in many cases more costly, than running a “chemically sustained” vineyard, but in the long term the earth is stronger, the vine is healthier and the wine it produces is better for you and the planet.

On the environmental front we are a 5th Generation family owned business that strongly believes in making sure we pass our vineyards and land onto the next generation in better condition than when we inherited them – abiding to an organic protocol helps us do this.

What do you love most about your business?

Being able to create a product that not only brings a smile to people’s faces and in doing so, also help restore the earth.

And….any good stories to share?

We continue to grow our organic offer with the recent release of Blind Tiger Organic Gin. The name comes from the 1920’s Prohibition Era where a “Blind Tiger” was an establishment known to illegally sell alcohol, with a focus on celebrating the exciting flavour and taste of liquor cocktails, many of which were gin based.

This gin has been crafted in the London Dry style and uses exotic organically sourced botanicals from around the world. Juniper Berry is the core botanical of many gins and in Blind Tiger provides a backbone of fresh spring forest and citrus notes. Coriander has been selected as it enhances the citrus characters of the juniper and imparts a subtle earthy character whilst the angelica root gives a delightfully aromatic and heady note of musk. Summer savoury completes the botanical mix and contributes a subtle mint like peppery character. The combination of these herbs creates a London Dry gin that is a perfect mixer with tonic or soda and a great base for one of the hugely popular gin based cocktails.Negroni

The fact sheet for the product can be viewed here and the website is now live at www.blindtigergin.com.au