Welcome to our new clients for the June quarter


Australian Certified Organic welcome our new clients:

Acland Trading Pty Ltd

Australian Tea Masters Association Pty Ltd


Coconut Brothers

Coconut Magic

Customee Pty Ltd

Dairy Best Victoria

Essence Group Pty Ltd

G S Packaging Pty Ltd

Gelpro Australia Pty Ltd

Green Fingers Potting Mix

Medaldale Pty Ltd

Messor Ingredients Pty Ltd

Natural Ingredients Pty Ltd

Nutrition Darling

O for Organic

Olssons Industries

Penfold’s Winery and Packaging Centre

Prana Organics

Sol Ghee Byron Bay

Stolen Recipe Pty Ltd

Subway Meats

Sunup Pty Ltd

The Ginger People Pty Ltd

Trandos Farms

Treasure Hive Honey Pty Ltd

Wilson River Pecans Pty Ltd