WEBINAR March 28 – What’s holding back organic grain?

Australian Organic invites you to a webinar: How to increase organic grain supply


TIME: 10 – 11 am (11 am – 12 noon daylight saving time)

The organic grains sector faces some challenging times ahead, being caught in the perfect storm of inconsistent quality and supply versus increasing demand for both quality and quantity.

Recent years have seen deteriorating protein levels in organic wheat crops, farmers are struggling to manage weeds while conserving moisture and general fertility issues are arising.  All at a time of increased demand from the processing sector which requires tighter specifications, as well as burgeoning demand from the feed sector driven primarily  by poultry production.

The grain sector underpins many downstream sectors within the organic industry (eggs, corn chips, baby food and bread) and without a unified approach to increasing production, shortages will continue, imports of processed food will increase, and export market opportunities will be lost.

How would you tackle this?

Australian Organic is holding a webinar to seek your input about how we can address the challenges.  The first step will identify the challenges and answers.

Join Quentin Kennedy from Kialla Pure Foods and Gavin Dunn from Four Leaf Milling to:

1         Identify the main challenges facing organic grain growers

2         Discuss how we address these challenges

  • Funding sources for R&D
  • Facilities to conduct R&D
  • Potential for grower group collaboration

3         Identify what assistance, if any, can we expect from government

4         Talk about the role Australian Organic can play

  • Overview of the Australian Organic On boarding program and the role it will play in bringing more growers into the industry

5       Formation of grain working group

Who should join?
Certified organic and conventional farmers and graziers, manufacturers, processors, millers.

Hurry, this webinar is capped at 100 participants.

To register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7300841128331951617
(This webinar is open to non members of Australian Organic. Please call 07 3350 5716 if you have problems registering.)