Training the retailers

IMG_0184 copyHow well do you know the certified organic industry?

Are you a retailer who is stumped when a customer asks you whether imported organic products are just as trustworthy as local ones? What about when shoppers ask you what organic really means? Being grown free of synthetic pesticides and herbicides is just a part of what certified organic is.

Australian Organic is piloting a program that helps retailers understand more about organic certification. It includes information about what it takes for a farmer to achieve organic certification, the different organic certifiers in the country and the world, why imported products or ingredients wear the ACO logo, the different levels of organic certification and how organic certification applies to wholesalers, processors and retailers, plus lots more.

Australian Organic’s retail training program is by design and based on individual retailers’ needs. These programs can also be used by management to train staff.

Retailers play a crucial role in growing the organic industry and the more you and your staff know about it, the more your shoppers will trust what they’re buying.

If you’re interested in retail training, contact Joanne Barber on or call 07 3350 5716.