Top 5 gardening tips


Thanks to organic gardening orange ladybeetles like Luke can gobble up scale pests.

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As many of us embrace a high pressure, urban lifestyle – growing our own food can be incredibly rewarding as well as a great cost saver. We know you will love these…


  1. Give your indoor plants a Spring makeover by repotting with fresh potting mix and give them a light hosing off outside to remove built up dust. They’ll look a million bucks afterwards!
  2. It’s tomato planting time everyone. If you’ve never tried growing them start with the cherry tomato types. They produce loads of delicious fruit and are less prone to pests and diseases.
  3. Thinking of starting a veggie patch? Make sure you position it in full sun and close to the house. That way you can keep a close eye when it needs watering and fruits are ready to harvest.
  4. Basil is the champion of all herbs and loves the warmer months. Plant some now in a pot beside the backdoor, or on a sunny windowsill, so you can enjoy the fragrant leaves every day.
  5. Grow your own gourmet salad by sowing some mesclun seed mix now. In a few short weeks you’ll be picking their tasty leaves. They even keep growing so you can harvest over many weeks.


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Need help planning an organic garden? Download the Australian Organic Schools Crop List here.