Top 5 benefits of organic gardening

Soil is the most important element in a water efficient and organic garden. It’s a living entity and should be teeming with earthworms, beneficial fungi and bacteria. Soil should smell good and feel moist and crumbly.

When you garden and farm organically you’re prohibited to use synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, but it’s nice to know you can use more than just cow manure to achieve healthy and nutrient dense soil!

It’s simple – the more nutrients available in the soil the more the plant can absorb.  Great for all year round plant health and for us when we eat it. With good quality soil and water, we can grow good quality food.

Thanks to products that have been approved for use by Australian Organic under the Australian Certified Organic Standard brands like Seasol have been able to assist organic farmers and home gardeners grow fresh organic produce.

Seasol has been supporting sustainable growers for over 40 years to improve the quality and performance of their yields.

They provide a range of highly effective plant nutrition products, based on the renowned growth boosting qualities of kelp (a type of seaweed). Their products are designed to help boost yield and quality and overcome difficult growing conditions.

Seasol the Seaweed Solution is your complete garden health treatment and helps to maintain the health of foliage and soil.


  1. Promotes healthy growth in all plants including natives
  2. Stimulates root development
  3. Enhances flowering and fruiting
  4. Increases the resistance to environment stress such as drought, heat and frost
  5. Helps to reduce damage from insect and fungal attack

Seasol can achieve this ALL organically. Better for you, your family and the environment.


“Every time we buy and prepare food for our family and friends we must do so with the greatest awareness and clarity, because through supporting our country’s sustainable farmers, growers, fishermen, artisans and food providers, we are making an enormous contribution to protecting the earth, our home.” – Kylie Kwong


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This week is all about appreciating the work of companies that help our farmers and gardeners grow certified organic produce.  Read more about why organic gardening and farming matters here.