Therese’s top 3 health and wellness tips

Therese Kerr is an Australian Organic goodwill ambassador, mother of model Miranda Kerr, public speaker, founder of Divine By Therese Kerr and author of Lunchbox Solutions. She has a passion for organic and natural lifestyles and is an expert on common chemicals found in conventional beauty and body care products.

After a health scare in 2002, Therese developed a keen interest in nutrition and wellbeing. “There is a big difference between diet and nutrition. Diet is the food we put in our mouths; nutrition on the other hand is the nutrients our bodies derive from the food we put in our mouths. There is a tipping point where awareness will determine all purchases and we are slowly heading to that point, and that’s exciting.” Says Therese.

When it comes to health and wellness tips it all comes down to choosing certified organic

  1. Only eat certified organic produce and avoid packaged and processed foods. Certified organic produce does not contain organophosphates, MSG or other nasty chemicals.
  2. Only use certified organic skin, hair, beauty and personal care products if you wish to have a healthy endocrine system and body. A healthy endocrine system is critical to optimum health.
  3. Only drink filtered water and drink plenty of it. Our body is approximately 70% water and most people are chronically dehydrated so hydration is not only imperative for health but also to prevent ageing and to prevent water retention within the body.

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Join Amanda Brocket of The Raw Food Kitchen and Therese Kerr, the ambassador of Australian Organic, as Therese makes one of her favourite recipes from The Raw Food Kitchen – a Raw Chocolate Cheesecake using certified organic ingredients. Click here.