The year for certified organic retailing

Hello members and friends!

Welcome to many new Tasmanian friends, with organic certifier Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers Inc (TOP) joining forces with Australian Certified Organic.

This is great news for Tasmania, and Australian Certified Organic clients will benefit from this synergy. It creates more economical means for our industry to self-regulate, focus on testing, spot audits and compliance checks, and to build on TOP members’ great work (much of it voluntary) over the past decades promoting Tasmanian organic products. You can read more about the merger between TOP and Australian Certified Organic.

Efforts such as this make our industry. We see commitment from some of our best to educate businesses about organic and the need for certification. A recent example is three Australian Certified Organic clients taking on key roles with the Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association. Thank you and congratulations to Wayne Shields (Peninsula Fresh Organics), who was recently nominated president, vice president Deri-Anne Wyatt (Angelica Organic Farm) and treasurer Simon Schulz (Schulz Organic Dairy).

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Henry Monk knows what to look for when he’s shopping.

Whether it’s farmers’ markets, conventional retailing or direct marketing, the year of certified organic retailing has arrived! Australian Organic and Australian Certified Organic have a lot in store. If you have an interest in organic retailing, make sure you’re on board with this year’s Australian Organic Awareness Month and our certified organic retailer program. Stay tuned.

For anyone who has farmed or knows a farming family, the only predictability is change. Climate and market price fluctuations, or even a freak invasion of a new pest or disease, are usually imminent. For organic farmers it can be more so.

We may all feel at times that aspects of our lives are unpredictable or uncontrollable; however, we can control what we eat and how that food is produced. Buying Australian Certified Organic products gives us that choice.

Australian Certified Organic ensures the standards our producers and retailers abide by align with shoppers’ expectations and core principles, making the organic regulatory arena as predictable as it can be. We have focused on the GM issue over the past two years to ensure certified organic remains non-GM for consumers, and farmers have enough certainty to continue to farm the way they choose.

We are foremost a pro-organic food and farming movement and organisation. Our responsibility entails maintaining an excellent standard supporting the livelihoods of our hard working, risk taking farming folk and delivering to consumers what they expect and demand. We can do both.

The simple daily act of purchasing Australian Certified Organic products profoundly transforms the lives of organic farming families who, as custodians of our shared environment, can continue feeding you and your family. The water you drink flows through these environments on its way to the cities that most of us live in. We are interconnected in many ways without realising it.

This New Year spare a thought for certified organic farmers and their daily uncertainties. With your help we can continue to support their livelihoods and in turn see more great certified organic products grace the shelves of our local organic retailers.

Andrew Monk

Australian Organic Ltd