The snacks Pete feeds his kids

MoveavleFeast_3561It’s easy to live a healthy life if your household comprises adults, but it’s hard when you throw kids, school lunches, peer pressure – and time constraints – into the mix.

Off screen, celebrity chef and Australian Organic ambassador Pete Evans eats a wholesome diet inspired by foods humans ate way back when but more importantly it’s organic. So how does he manage to keep his kids’ diets on the straight and narrow? Here’s a peek at his kitchen table.

Pete: My beautiful, mindful daughters Chilli and Indii follow a paleo-style diet too, so they avoid gluten, wheat, other grains [which can cause inflammation], refined sugar and dairy and their physical and mental health is thriving.

We swap potato chips for homemade kale chips, and lollies for berries – in summer they love frozen berries.

We swap store-bought muesli bars for homemade nut, coconut and seed bars and stodgy, sugar-laden store-bought muffins for homemade coconut, macadamia and berry muffins.

We snack on – dare I say it? – homemade activated nuts and lightly toasted coconut chips.

We’ve never liked sugary fizzy drinks or fruit juices, so the girls enjoy water with fresh lemon juice and they love adding a little Rochway probiotic punch to their water.

They still enjoy all their best-loved meals like bolognaise, burgers, pies and pizzas, however we just make them all with ingredients that don’t cause inflammation in their bodies.”

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