The dates are in for SIAL China 2016!

Sial China

Get ready for SIAL 2016. The 17th edition of SIAL China 2016 will be held in Shanghai. They are expecting 60,000 visitors between the exhibition dates 5-7th May.  Will you be exhibiting?

The Hong Kong Austrade delegation will begin on the 9-10th May. It will comprise of the Hong Kong Bus tour, taking you to top supermarkets, major agriculture markets and the Seminar. The Seminar will involve guest speakers from leading agricultural areas, domestic certification program and Hong Kong trends, followed by buyer presentations and networking.

We will keep you updated with ongoing dates and information including the Austrade Shanghai itinerary.

Please be mindful that there are only TWO positions left. If you are interested in joining Australian Organic and like-minded businesses on the ACO Asian Tour, please contact Joanne Barber at or (07) 3350 5716.