Sunday Samples lucky winners

It was great to read the comments you shared and who you would like to shake hands with – so treat those hands to a lovely organic hand cream by Planet Eve Organics.

The following 10 winners will receive a free Luxe Hand Creme by Planet Eve Organics.

To claim your free hand cream please email your postal address to

Planet Eve Organics_Luxe Hand_CremeCongratulations to…

  1. Joe Edward
  2. Olivia Flanagan
  3. Susan Chao
  4. Karen Keynes
  5. Wendy Dunwoodie
  6. Michelle Allen
  7. Kirsten Lamont
  8. Monica John
  9. Amy Berich
  10. Kath Flegerbein

Your prize must be claimed within 48 hours.  To view competition Terms and Conditions please click here.

We will be running Sunday Samples again next month, so keep a look out for a chance to win more organic products. Be sure to share this opportunity with your fellow organic fans!

Love your hand cream and want more? You can visit Planet Eve Organics’ website and browse through their range of products from cleansing oil to a tropical fruit enzyme facial exfoliator!