Spoilt for choice this Easter

Crocos Lindsay & EdmundsThere are more certified organic chocolate bunnies, eggs and bilby choices than ever this Easter.

Australia’s appetite for organic food is at an all time high, growing the sector by up to 15 per cent each year.

Now, thanks to the increase in the number of manufacturers supplying certified organic Easter treats this year, sweet tooths can celebrate guilt free.

The difference is in the cacao bean.

Most beans are imported so it’s important you’re supporting chocolate companies that have fair working conditions.

Australia’s largest organic group, Australian Organic, is the parent company of Australian Certified Organic, which certifies over 14,000 products on our shelves.

Australian Organic’s General Manager of Commercial, Joanne Barber, says from farm to shelf certified organic chocolate is an ethical eating choice.

“With organic certification, not only has the bean grown on farms that don’t use synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and GM, but farmers also have fair working conditions.

“With Australian Certified Organic chocolate, all the other added ingredients such as milk, sugar, fruit, nuts and cinnamon and chilli, must also meet certified organic requirements.”

Australian Certified Organic has certified more companies that are making Easter-themed goodies than ever before.

Certified organic Easter hot cross buns are also more widely available and are a popular choice this year.

Like the chocolate, all the ingredients in buns must be certified organic and they must be made in bakeries that comply with the Australian Certified Organic Standard.

All businesses using the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo are audited annually and imported ingredients undergo the same scrutiny as locally produced ingredients.

Why look for certified organic chocolate?

  • Farms are audited to make sure they have fair working conditions
  • Cacao beans are grown without synthetic chemicals and GM
  • Cacao beans are not irradiated
  • Organic farming practices look after biodiversity
  • The entire chocolate egg, bunny or bilby must meet strict requirements – all ingredients must be certified organic
  • All farms and manufacturers are audited annually.

Look for the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo. Wondering where to buy?