Sarah’s top 3 health and wellness tips

Meet Australian Organic Awareness Month ambassador Dr Sarah Lantz.

She’s a health writer, researcher, author, nutritional consultant and all-round chemical conscious nut. Sarah’s passion for understanding the healing properties of whole foods – plants, herbs, good fats and oils, greens – comes from growing up on farms in country NSW.

We love her top 3 health and wellness tips and we know you will too!

  1. Eat real food! By real food I mean food that’s alive and which will eventually rot. It’s food that has had a recent connection to the earth, that doesn’t need any fancy packaging, or any packaging at all for that matter. Real food doesn’t need to tell you how healthy it is or how many calories it has in it. It does not need to be altered, nor does it need to have components added or removed to make it healthy.
  2. Feed your skin. Like any organ of the body – the skin being the largest – it thrives on a diet rich in nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidents, oils and fatty acids. Choose certified organic skin care products. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth and eat it, then don’t put it on your skin. I’m serious.
  3. Consume foods and beverages that have been predigested by microbes – otherwise known as fermentation. This remarkable process breaks down food into more easily digestible forms, can increase vitamin levels in foods, and generally promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestines.


Dr Sarah Lantz runs fantastic fermentation workshops in her home state of Queensland. Find out more about fermenting with certified organic ingredients and why it’s important for gut health here.