Same day organic produce certificates online

Certificates are now electronic.

To export goods as certified organic the Australian Government requires companies to have an organic produce certificate from an approved certifying body such as Australian Certified Organic. Until now companies have had to apply for and receive them in triplicate hard copy. Now you can do them electronically and have them back to you the same day, saving time and money.

Same day

Organic produce certificates, or OPCs, reassure importing countries about the organic status of each certified product and their labelling integrity – they are an approved transaction certificate and essentially a declaration from the exporter or manufacturer. Australian Certified Organic issues hundreds of organic produce certificates each month.

Australian Certified Organic’s Michael Baker says, “This is the first step to reducing the paper heavy process of exporting organic products. You will reduce the postage and courier costs of having hard copy originals sent to and from the Australian Certified Organic head office.”

We will still accept printed organic produce certificates until March 31, after which time they will be phased out and electronic versions will be compulsory. If you have any trouble processing the certificates electronically please give us a call on (07) 3350 5716.

For more information about exporting, to request one of the new OPC templates or to lodge an OPC for approval click here

You can see the full notice about electronic organic produce certificates here


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