Rudd joins Australian Organic

Jessica Rudd

Known variously as columnist, author, lawyer and PR consultant, Jessica Rudd is also a passionate supporter of the organic industry and she’s on a mission to use her knowledge of China to help move Australian Certified Organic products into that market.

Jessica has spent the past five years living in Beijing and was often frustrated with the lack of availability of certified organic goods from Australia – and she wasn’t alone. Chinese consumers are increasingly drawn to clean, green, safe imports.

With this motivation, and a professional interest in international trade, Jessica joins Australian Organic as a trade ambassador and facilitator between Australian Certified Organic clients and Chinese buyers.

The news comes off the back of a new deal between Australia Post and Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group. Jessica is one of an increasing number Australians working to launch her own online store on Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform to bring Australian products direct to Chinese consumers.

Now living in Brisbane, she says, “I loved living in Beijing and seeing it go through monumental change. It’s growing at warp speed. It’s impressive. We’d return after a week away and see a new building had sprouted outside our kitchen window, but that pace comes at a price.

“When you can’t control the air quality outside, you’ll do your best to control the quality of what you’re putting on and into yourself and your kids. As a mum, I looked for organics as much as I could and I missed seeing the high-quality Australian products you see here.

“The Chinese government is doing a great job of lifting people out of poverty and consumers spend big on their children. I’m honoured to be invited to use my China story to help Australian businesses, big and small, taking advantage of the potential for growth into that market. I want to see my Chinese mates gaining access to the fabulous range of high-quality products our country has to offer.”

Australian Organic commercial manager, Joanne Barber, says organics is big business in China: “China has 1.3 billion people. One certified organic home delivery company there has a customer base of over 400,000 families.

“Australian Certified Organic is well known to consumers in Australia and by teaming up with Jessica we’ll also be able help consumers in China understand where to buy Australian Certified Organic. Her passion for healthy certified organic goods and her background and knowledge of trade and communications in China places Australian Organic with the most aggressive trade and communications plan in the market.”

The biggest barriers to exporting to China are the language and cultural differences. Jessica has a good grasp of Mandarin, is married to a Chinese-Australian and has spent time living in China, and has some great, practical ideas that will help our clients.

The Australian Certified Organic logo is by far the most recognised organic logo amongst shoppers in Australia and it’s getting the same recognition in China.

Australian Certified Organic clients will be invited to join a webinar with Jessica to understand what it’s like to live there, the new dominance of e-commerce and the rising middle class.

Australian Certified Organic already offers certification through China’s most well-known and respected certification company, the Organic Food Development Center (OFDC), and it’s carrying out the first round of audits for Chinese certification in September. If you’re interested in applying, let us know by calling 07 3350 5716 by September 12.

Jessica will also join Australian Organic when it teams up with the OFDC to exhibit at Asia’s leading food and beverage trade show, SIAL, in May 2015 to promote the clean, green and safe qualities of products wearing the Australian Certified Organic logo. With over 55,000 visitors, we’re excited to be part of it.

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