Profile of the Month: Three Peaks Organics

Trish with berries

Trish Macfarlane, Three Peaks Organics

Who are you?  Three Peaks Organics

What do you do?  We grow organic blueberries.

Where are you located?  Holwell, Tasmania (a sleepy little town that you would miss if you blinked).

When did you become certified?  We became fully certified late last year.

Why did you become certified?  We were already not using chemicals, sprays or fertilisers and it seemed like a natural progression for the farm. Making the initial phone call to TOP (now merged with Australian Certified Organic) and the reassurance on the other end of the telephone that they would help us with our transition journey was all that was required to convince us that this was the path we needed to take. So our journey has been through both ACO and TOP and we are very proud of our association with both companies.

What do you love the most about your business?  There are so many aspects of our business that we love.  However probably at the top of the list is the look on people’s faces when you explain to them that a blueberry is not just a blueberry. In fact there are quite a number of varieties for them to try – the puzzled looks on their faces are priceless. We base our growing principles around taste and not yields.

What do you see for your business in the future? We are currently updating our brand and value adding in order to achieve a sustainable farm which has produce to sell for most of the year and that people will remember our products for their taste! Currently 95% of our produce goes to the Mainland, but you can also buy direct from us at our farm gate.

The list of things we want to learn just keeps growing. I hope that we never stop learning or striving to be better, as I feel that if we do then we have probably also lost our passion…..our passion to produce something that people remember for the taste, not the volume that we can produce.

In the next 2-3 years we are looking to expand our current blueberry side of the farm and develop our organic range of different produce.

IMG_5095blueberry punnets